Singer Spotlight

A chorus is only as good as its singers-- the success of our ensemble relies on our community of fantastic vocalists.  Meet some of the talented singers that make Sacred & Profane thrive!


Dyana Vukovich, Alto 

Lives in Albany

How long have you been with Sacred & Profane? For 3 years now

Describe your musical/singing background: I have sung with many ensembles over the decades, including the Anna Crusis Women’s Choir of Philadelphia, and Music in the Blood and Coro Hispano, both of San Francisco. A pianist since the age of three, I also like to dabble in other instruments, including the dulcimer and recorder, and I occasionally compose pieces to share with my friends.

Who is/are your biggest musical inspiration(s)? I'm inspired by musicians from around the world, including Johnny Clegg, Mercedes Sosa, Bela Bartok, and all those engaged in roots revival of any kind. At the same time, I love to champion new music by my friends (see for works by Chus Alonso), including the fabulous composers in Sacred and Profane!

What do you like to do outside music? I'm an avid volleyball player (textile version
and otherwise), Scrabble aficionado, and traveler. I'm getting close to achieving my bucket list of visiting every Spanish-speaking country in the world (there is a pesky little country in Africa that’s not quite safe yet).

What's your favorite...

   Season? Bay Area Indian Summer
   Bay Area restaurant? Hamro Aangan, an Indo-Nepalese restaurant in my neighborhood.
   Piece you've sung with S&P? One of my favorite memories was singing Song of Okogis, by choir member James Tecuatl-Lee. It involved movement, unusual sounds, and masks – very theatrical and evocative.

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why? It would have to be an eagle – the big picture from the mountaintop is my favorite perspective.

Steve Lu, Bass

Lives in Oakland

How long have you been with Sacred & Profane? This will be my 5th set

Describe your musical/singing background: Almost went to college for piano and vocal performance, amateur gigging, church music, singing in the car

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Robert Glasper 

What do you like to do outside music? Crabbing, cooking, eating, hiking, repeat...

What's your favorite...

   Season? Spring
   Bay Area restaurant? House of Pancake (note...different than IHOP) in Outer Sunset
   Piece you've sung with S&P? Vaughn Williams, Three Shakespeare Songs 

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why? POLAR BEAR! Because they are regular bears, but better.



Hilary Dockray, Alto 

Lives in Oakland

How long have you been with Sacred & Profane? About 2 years since joining up in September 2015

Describe your musical/singing background: My singing background is perhaps a bit more humble compared to some of my peers! I needed an "elective" course in high school, so I tried choir. To my surprise I loved it! I was also lucky at the time to be babysitting for a retired opera singer, who gave me (such necessary) voice lessons. I dabbled in college and community choirs after that, but joining Sacred and Profane has been quite a step up. I'm fortunate to be part of this group. 

Your biggest musical inspiration(s)? Even a recording of moving music can give me goosebumps, so taking in a live performance is something else. Getting to perform music for others and hopefully give them the same feeling is a huge part of the joy of singing for me. 

What do you like to do outside music? Cooking, baking, writing, painting.

What's your favorite...

   Season? Fall
   Bay Area restaurant? There are too many to choose from, so I'll pick one of many: Bistro Michel. 
   Piece you've sung with S&P? Another tough choice, but I'd have to pick James Tecuatl-Lee's Song of Okogis. Besides being written by a former Sacred and Profane member, which was so neat, it was also just total fun to perform. 

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why? A pampered bookstore cat. What a life! 


Anton Krukowski, Tenor

Lives in San Francisco

How long have you been with Sacred & Profane?  I started in Fall 2010, so 7 years

Describe your musical/singing background : I grew up with jazz and independent rock influences in the house.  My mother is a jazz singer/composer (many of my parents' friends were jazz musicians) and my older brother and his wife are indie rock/folk rock stars (Galaxie 500 was their band in the 80s/90s).  I played jazz piano in high school and college, started to accompany myself singing jazz standards a few years after I moved in San Francisco, and I have sung a few songs on some of my mother's albums.  My introduction to singing classical choral music was with the San Francisco Bach Choir.  I did Brahms' German Requiem and Bach's St. Matthew's Passion and I was hooked.  I didn't know anything formal about my voice then, or choral music.  I started assuming I was a baritone, and was urged to try out my tenor range.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?  First off my family (Nancy Harrow, Damon & Naomi as mentioned above).  Thelonius Monk, Bill Evans, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, The Feelies, The Clash, and in more recent years I've realized how much I love opera (Britten, Verdi, John Adams, etc.)

What do you like to do outside music?  I'm a high school science teacher - and I like teaching a lot.  Still have a dream of teaching choral music at some point...  I love travel, camping, hiking - all with my family.  And I love to obsess about politics...

What's your favorite...

   Piece you've sung with S&P?  Britten - Hymn to St Cecilia

Sarah Reynolds, alto

Lives in Berkeley

How long have you been with Sacred & Profane? Since the Stravinsky Mass in 2015

Describe your musical/singing background: I played clarinet through college.  In grad school I joined the campus chapel choir and took advantage of discounted voice lessons.  I continued in church choir at Berkeley until I was ready to make a musical jump.  Its very different getting to know music for a few months rather than a few weeks.

What do you like to do outside music? I like to sew quilts and wish I sewed clothes, but find the large scale & patterns daunting.  

What's your favorite...

   Season? The Bay Area has seasons?  I like a good midwestern fall.
   Piece you've sung with S&P? Stanford's Bluebird - gorgeous!

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why? My favorite animal is Merwin, my dog.

George-Ann Bowers, Alto 

Lives in Berkeley


How long have you been with Sacred & Profane? 40 years! Hard to believe it’s been that long, but there’s the first photo on the timeline is of me with original director James Mayer from 1977 to prove it, plus many wonderful memories of fellow singers, musical experiences and adventures over the years.

Describe your musical/singing background: I grew up in a musical household (both parents played in orchestras when young, Dad sang in choruses, led group sings, and played viola all his life), with exposure to classical music as well as contemporary repertoire. Years of piano lessons provided the basis for sight-reading, and  in junior high school I was introduced to choral singing, which I continued all through high school. Played guitar and sang folk music during the 60’s, then came back to choral music after college, when I joined the California Bach Society in the mid-1970’s. I enjoyed singing the “big stuff” until an invitation from fellow singers to the “Wednesday Night Group” led to the next forty years of more intimate musical exploration, as well as some special friendships.

Your biggest musical inspiration(s)? World music of all kinds, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Britten, Brahms and Schubert instrumental works, Wendy and Tim (ex-S&P singers and longtime friends), Jim Mayer

What do you like to do outside music? In the non-musical side of my life, I’m an exhibiting artist, working in textiles, specifically weaving, plus recent forays into other fiber techniques. I’ve been working with fiber since the l970’s and maintain a studio in Berkeley full of looms, yarn, and other materials. Exhibiting my artwork in far-flung locations is a good excuse to travel, another favorite activity, along with reading, cooking, birding, wildflowers, hiking, and outdoor photography (inspiration for artwork).

What's your favorite...

   Season? Spring, for wildflowers; Fall - great weather and no mosquitos
   Bay Area restaurant?I don’t go out to eat that often; favorite spot for lunch with friends is Cafe Leila in Berkeley.
   Piece you've sung with S&P? That’s a very difficult question, since I have 40 years worth of music from which to choose. Favorite choral composers, maybe…Britten (A Boy Was Born, Sacred and Profane), Josquin, Tallis, Poulenc….I could go on…..

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why? Probably a cat, since they’re quiet but complex, and I’m as drawn to them as other people are to dogs.